Andronicos in a nutshell

Andronicos is a British Greek Cypriot who was born in North Africa and moved to England when he was 3 years old. He has lived in North America, Mexico and Denmark and currently lives in Cyprus and Athens. Friends outside Greek speaking countries know him as 'Zed'.

An entrepreneur since the mid 1980's, he has held several directorships and served as a board member for several international IT and B2B Service companies. He is considered an expert in marketing and PR but his major area of excellence is automation Problem and Change Management at large data centres and building global Service Centres and Helpdesks. Andronicos has lectured in many countries over the years and been a guest speaker at international computer conferences. His unorthodox style of humour and irreverence livens up the often nerdish subject matter.

Current projects

He is the founder and lead partner of The Global Partnership Group G.P.G, based in Cyprus. One of its subsidiaries is Azam International Technologies. Andronicos invented the Azam software product to help people avoid misunderstandings and communicate more effectively by using the power of voice rather than typed text when sending emails. He is sponsoring an international initiative to provide Azam software free of charge to assist people with disabilities communicate more easily.

In collaboration with the gifted actor Dean Taylor, Andronicos is the joint founder of ADZ (Aardvark, Dean and Zed), which specialises in commercial humour writing.

Andronicos is an accredited Mediator (from The School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, London) and is undertaking research in using technology to provide remote alternative dispute resolution services.

Problem and Change Management, suggests Andronicos, doesn't have to be limited to the data centre, but can be used to tackle the world's problems too. His book, 12-12-12, and independent NGO,, encourages people to propose changes to resolve some of the major global issues, particularly those affecting local communities. His website averages over 120,000 hits a month.

Andronicos has also patented a process and system to electronically harvest corporate late payment surcharges, The Robin Hood System, a non profit initiative to benefit registered charities, NGOs, national tax authorities and small businesses.


Outside business, Andronicos loves spending time with his four wonderful children, now all adults. He enjoys non fiction books from his extensive library and although slightly dyslexic, likes to write articles, satirical songs and serious poetry. Heterosexual, twice divorced, he recently completed a personal quest across 5 continents to find his future wife. A small dowry of a herd of goats and free use of some brilliant software was offered to the parents or children of a suitable candidate, but in the end Triona accepted his proposal in April 2013, even without the goats. So if you are looking for a goat, we have a few to spare.